Group Therapy

Relationship Skills Through Group Therapy

Participation in group therapy can provide significant benefits, either in combination with individual therapy or by itself. While every group is different, each of our clients is looking to enhance relationships and gain key tools for better connections through process-oriented perspectives and emotionally progressive communication.

Adult Group Therapy

Change and Grow With Others Through Relationship Building

Group therapy is a transformative practice that offers many benefits. It is a special form of therapy in which a small number of people, usually five to eight individuals, meet together on a weekly basis under the guidance of a trained therapist to help themselves and one another. Group therapy helps clients realize they are not alone in their struggles. By participating with others in group therapy, clients begin to see that their individual pain and life concerns are both unique and universal in different ways. They learn to accept support and feedback and to provide it in return. Both individual and group therapy can be combined to produce optimal outcomes.

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In a typical group session, which lasts 75-90 minutes, group members work to express their own problems, feelings, ideas, and reactions as openly and genuinely as possible. Such exploration provides group members the essential information needed to understand themselves and to assist one another in the same endeavor. To prepare our clients to benefit from group work, each new potential member begins by having a minimum of three individual sessions with a trained group therapist. This provides our new clients with an in-depth understanding of the group therapy process and the necessary tools to get the most out of the experience.

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Benefits of Group Therapy

The broad function of group therapy is for its members to learn about themselves both internally and externally. Groups provide members with the opportunity to discover how they think and why they respond in the ways they do, as well as how they are perceived by other group members. While there are many different types of groups, we offer process-oriented groups that include members who make up a concentrated representation of our outside world. The end result is that group members ideally acquire better control over their emotional lives.

Improve Relationship Skills

Learn From Other Clients

Relief From Anxiety & Depression

Experience Not feeling Alone

Increase Confidence & Self Esteem

Support For Personal Struggles

Improved Sense of Comfort In Groups

Learn The Reasons Behind Behaviors

Through group therapy, clients realize more about themselves, others, and the interactions in their lives. Groups provide a space to gain a deeper sense of purpose and worth and demonstrate how we can powerfully affect the lives of others through connection and healing.