Your First Session


Bringing Meaningful Change Starting With A First Session

We provide a thoughtful and compassionate setting for individuals, couples, families, and groups with the aim of helping clients find more effective ways to address issues and concerns that are negatively impacting their lives.

Your First Session

The first session with our clients is a time to get to know one another, ask questions, and gain a clearer understanding about the issues affecting their lives. During our initial sessions, we will look at the underlying reasons that brought you to therapy and learn more about what you hope to gain from therapy so we can set goals together for treatment.

We tailor our psychotherapeutic approach to treatment for each of our clients. With the understanding that everybody is unique, our first visit assessment will look into your specific set of life experiences and circumstances, including your family and childhood history. Our priority is, and will always be, the psychological security and safety of our clients; therefore, we aim to create a space for healing from day one.

We offer a free, 15-minute phone or video consultation before scheduling the first session to ensure we can provide you with the type of care you are seeking and can adequately address your presenting concerns. Upon scheduling the first session, you will receive all our paperwork to complete electronically, so you will not need to spend any session time filling out paperwork.


Mindful Psychotherapy

Safety, Trust & Honesty

We know that dedication and excellent training are necessary for psychotherapists to be effective. If you are seeking a secure space for your therapeutic process where you can address a painful experience, better your relationships, or gain more insight into yourself, we can help provide meaningful change and growth.

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