Media Consultation

Delivering profound psychological analyses encompassing a vast spectrum of pertinent issues.

As a distinguished and seasoned expert in the field of therapy, Leor Ram has made impactful appearances across various media platforms, including podcasts, videos, and comprehensive recorded courses. Renowned for his exceptional insight and captivating engagement, Leor Ram provides in-depth psychologic acuity and analysis covering a wide range of therapeutic issues.

Therapeutic Expertise & Approach


Whether discussing matters of mental health, interpersonal relationships, personal development, or societal challenges, Leor Ram's approach and perspectives provide invaluable insights that inspire personal growth and meaningful change. His articulate and thoughtful approach to discussions makes him a sought-after guest for any media that offers a comprehensive exploration of psychological concepts.

Leor Ram

Leor Ram partners with businesses, organizations, and media on projects and initiatives related to social connection, professional development, and mental health and resilience. Past collaborations include marketing and corporate social responsibility campaigns, leadership and mentorship training and development, advisory boards and councils, corporate wellness programs, and on-set negotiations and de-escalation. We help increase organizational effectiveness and profitability by working with individuals and teams using our psychologically-driven coaching techniques.