Compassionate Psychotherapy

We provide a thoughtful and compassionate setting for individuals, couples, families, and groups with the aim of helping clients find more effective ways to address issues and concerns that are negatively impacting their lives.

How Psychotherapy Works

Generating Meaningful Change

Meaningful therapy depends on the powerful interpersonal relationship between the client and clinician, which is one of the many reasons why we work together to create a profound and significant connection. Through therapy, clients find themselves expanding insight, achieving deeper self-awareness, and making more invested choices, leading to meaningful developments in their lives.

psychotherapy - how it works

Process & Approach

Effective Psychotherapy Through Proven Techniques

We believe that effective psychotherapy can not only relieve unpleasant symptoms and concerns but can also change a person. Our approach includes a focus on helping an individual, a couple or a family to gain deeper awareness into how their past and present affect the way they experience their present and future. The more a client understands how and why they think and feel the way they do, the easier it becomes to use that insight to make better choices in life, work, and relationships.

We integrate empirically proven techniques, rooted in psychodynamic theory, to offer a custom treatment plan based on the needs of each client.

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Areas of Emphasis and Treatment

We specialize in a wide range of psychotherapeutic concerns, including:

Relationship / Couple Issues

Interracial / Intercultural Relationships

Depressive Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Identity Concerns

Body Image Issues

Personality Disorders

Divorce / Custody Issues

Family Relational Issues

Parenting / Child Behavioral

Life Transitions

Grief and Loss

Complex Trauma / PTSD


First Generation-American Concerns

Sexual Abuse / Sexual Assault

LGBTQ+ & Transgender Concerns

Sex, Sexuality and Sexual Health

Attachment Issues

Work-Related Stress

Your First Session

We believe that the first session with our clients is a time to get to know one another, ask questions, and gain a clearer understanding about the issues affecting their lives. During our initial sessions, we will look at the underlying reasons that brought to you to therapy and learn more about what you hope to gain from therapy so we can set goals together for treatment. 

We tailor our psychotherapeutic approach for treatment to each of our clients. With the understanding that everybody is unique, our first visit assessment will look into your specific set of life experiences and circumstances, including your family and childhood history. Our priority is, and will always be, the psychological security and safety of our clients; therefore, our aim is to create a space for healing from day one.


Our therapists provide a safe and private space to talk through sensitive personal issues so that we can work through client concerns together.

Mindful Psychotherapy

Safety, Trust & Honesty

We know that dedication and excellent training are necessary for psychotherapists to be effective. If you are seeking a secure space for your therapeutic process where you can address a painful experience, better your relationships, or gain more insight into yourself, we can help provide meaningful change and growth.

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